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The world never remains the same. Everything around us changes rapidly - ecology and climate, food and drinks, style of life, information and technologies, job requirements, ways of communication. People struggle to keep up with these changes. However, every individual wants to live life to the fullest: be socially protected, financially successful and operate in a clean and healthy environment.

ADGEX is developing and adopting cutting-edge technologies, that make our world a better and safer place. greenBLAZE – is our one of the key technologies, that aim to solve the pressing problems of the modern world, associated with waste generation and management. We are all surrounded by wastes. Landfills mutilate appearance of towns and cities. The ecology is poisoned by decomposition products. Putrefying substances are in the air we breathe and in the water we drink.

Taking part in greenBLAZE project is an intelligent, socially oriented and environmentally friendly way to turn trash into cash! This is a lucrative offer for savvy investors:

Social sustainability

We are setting a precedent by adopting greenBLAZE technology. This is the exact time when the Earth must be cleaned from all landfills and dumps! We are creating prerequisites of on-site waste-to-energy conversion without the need to collect and transport it to processing facility. We are establishing new social level of zero-waste living.

Ecologically responsible

greenBLAZE processors have no harmful emissions. Having processed wastes, we rehabilitate contaminated land and clean up lakes and rivers. greenBLAZE project will benefit to cleaner and less polluted Planet. greenBLAZE is responsible to meet the environmental challenges of the future head-on. We are responsible for future for our kids!

Financial stability

Today the majority of population does not make plans for more than 3-6 months ahead. Participation in greenBLAZE Project will provide you and your dearest with a high and stable income for decades to come. greenBLAZE is a quick return on investment. With greenBLAZE you can think long-term and plan your travel, children’s education and real estate purchases.

Welcome to greenBLAZE Project!

About the project

greenBLAZE complexes represent unparalleled waste-to-energy solution for conversion of any carbonaceous wastes and materials. Range of greenBLAZE application is limitless and encompasses MSW utilization, cleaning of public sewers, processing of oil refinery wastes, conversion of coal at fields, utilization of aviculture, livestock and biomedical wastes, rubber, plastic, and other biomass.

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Investment proposal

ADGEX has elaborated a strategy for commercialisation of greenBLAZE technology in Australia, which involves building up a business model of national waste management operator. Such model will be able to provide several lucrative channels of profit generation:

  • Manufacturing and sale of greenBLAZE processors;
  • Income from waste treatment;
  • Revenue from sales of end market products, generated by greenBLAZE – electricity, fuels and other.

To launch the aforementioned business model, ADGEX is planning to entice 400 shareholders into the project and raise US $ 3.5 Mil by selling 5.6% of equity stake of BLAZE Limited. This will fully cover expenses for successful launch of the project and its further listing on a stock market.

Today you have a unique opportunity to make your money work for you! You can get progressive return starting from as much as 70% following the results of 2018! Become a shareholder of a lucrative business for long term profits and get obvious benefits to you and your family.

BLAZE Limited Company is open for new shareholders-founders on the following conditions:

  • Equity issue amount: USD 3.5 Mil
  • Shares price: USD 0.25
  • Parcel size: USD 625

Purpose of raised investments:

  • Establishment of small-scale production facility for manufacturing greenBLAZE-200 of 50 units / annum in total;
  • Manufacturing of the first 2 greenBLAZE-200 processors and their delivery to Australia;
  • International certification of the processors.



Investment effectiveness

Having invested today even the least allowed sum, amounting to USD625, you become eligible for 70% of dividends following the results of 2018!

The next year will bring you 74% and then – vigorous two-, three- and multifold growth of your annual income!

Hurry up! The offer is limited by shares!

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as of 2018 year-end
USD 1 750
as of 2019 year-end
USD 1 850
as of 2020 year-end
USD 4 450
as of 2021 year-end
USD 9 825
as of 2022 year-end
USD 18 400

Project documents

Our goal is to give you full information on the project, its financial details and give you a chance to evalute its investment value. Think through a decision to become a sherholder.

Any person older than 18 or company located in any country can become a shareholder. Minimum investment sum is US $ 625 which equals 0,001% of BLAZE Limited and gives 2 500 regular shares of BLAZE Limited priced US $ 0,25 each.

greenBLAZE technology

Features and highlights

Technology of high-temperature vacuum destruction is resource-saving technology of a deep conversion of renewable and natural carbon-containing raw material and wastes.
greenBLAZE processor is a mobile complex of modular implementation with a short deployment and commissioning time. It can be mounted on a railway or vehicle platform, forming movable and truly mobile complex, which can be promptly transported to the sites of waste accumulation or places of its conversion.
The processors are completely automated and self-sufficient complex. No need to connect it do to any infrastructure, because all resources necessary for uninterrupted exploitation are produced by the processor itself during the operation process. Guaranteed operational safety is secured by just 1 operator and 1 non-qualified employee, who is responsible for loading of a feedstock into the processor (per shift).
Diploma for “Excellence in the environmental sustainability of greenBLAZE technology”, granted by the Golden Chariot Association held under aegis of United Nation

Geneva, Switzerland, April 2017

Green energy

Green means «ecologically responsible», because greenBLAZE has near-to-zero harmful emissions. This has become viable since our processor operates on the innovative method of high-temperature vacuum destruction. In our greenBLAZE complexes combustion process is absent at all. It means that highly toxic furans and dioxins are simply not generated during the operation process, therefore there is no harm to environment. Having ordered greenBLAZE processor, you can say with conviction that you keep our Planet green for your kids and all future generations, preserving it pristine and providing biological balance of nature!


Production of pilot prototype
Testing and proving the technology
Upgrade of the technology following the results of 2-years testing and production of the first greenBLAZE-50 processor
Perfection of the technology with recovery of preplanned light fractions of carbonaceous products
2014 – 1st quarter 2016
Production of greenBLAZE-120 processor
March - September 2016
Australian market research and introduction of greenBLAZE processor to Australian government
December 2016
Australian market research and introduction of greenBLAZE processor to Australian government.
January 2017
The first international presentation was held. Signing of the MoUs with leading local & international companies
February 2017
Design of franchising business model of national waste treatment operator of Australia for the proof of concept within the Federal Program of Queensland Government
March 2017
ADGEX LIMITED has been awarded Diploma of the laureate in the nomination “Excellence in the environmental sustainability of greenBLAZE technology” by the Golden Chariot Association held under aegis of United Nation in Geneva, Switzerland
April 2017
Commencement of production commercial greenBLAZE-200 processors to be delivered to Brisbane, Australia
May 2017
Development of Technical Specifications for greenBLAZE waste-to-energy complex and its registration in Russian Scientific and Technical Centre for Information on Standardization, Metrology and Conformity Assessment “STANDARTINFORM”.
June 2017
Adoption of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001-2016 Standards
July 2017
Raising of final investments into the Project
Delivery of 2 commercial greenBLAZE-200 to Australia
1st quarter 2018
Payment of first dividends following the results of 2018
1st quarter 2019

Risk Management

All component parts and the outcome products were duly tested and meet the highest international standards. greenBLAZE processor has successfully passed numerous tests for durability, safety and stability, performed under ultimate operational conditions. greenBLAZE processor has been also probed and its functionality was proven by several independent technical and ecological expert councils.

To test and upgrade design documentation of greenBLAZE-200 machine, serial production of which is scheduled to be commenced in the nearest future, our team has designed and manufactured greenBLAZE-120 processor. Its successful launch proved correctness and trustworthy of our design documentation, having removed all technological risks before commencement of mass production and global rolling out the final product.

ADGEX Limited has received more than 50 requests from various Customers from over the world for delivery of greenBLAZE processors of different capacity. Delivery of the first greenBLAZE processor to Australia will open a huge sale market for greenBLAZE. Once foregoing condition is fulfilled, BLAZE limited will be ready to adopt all Customers requests. Agreements will come into full force and the Customer covenants to pay full Agreement cost to commence mass production and the order’s execution.

There are no direct competitors for BLAZE Limited to treat landfilled wastes into market ready energy products all over the world. Current waste treatment technologies are costly and energy-consuming, providing feedstock processing depth of as little as 50%. There is no any optimal solution so far for safe and cost-effective utilization of MSW (Municipal solid waste) and other materials. The rest waste-to-energy technologies are limited in application range. The complexes, designed for generation of electric energy are not able to produce fuel and vice versa. Most of such systems process only specific type of feedstock with its compulsory preliminary sorting. Production volume can be determined on the stage of project planning only. In case of necessity to augment processed volume or type of feedstock, long-term equipment modification or another processor is needed. Besides, all similar complexes are permanently fixed and unable to be moved from an operational place to another one. Dismantling of the processors is also labor- and material-intensive and requires high expenses.

ADGEX is 100% IP Right holder. It allows carrying out continuous upgrade and performing timely development of the technology, as well as securing absolute protection intellectual rights to newly created products.

The Core Technical Staff is directly employed in ADGEX Limited. After BLAZE Limited registration, additional technical personnel to be hired to work under the leadership of Technical President and other core technical specialists. ADGEX has teamed with existing engineering project managers for necessary workforce requirements for BLAZE Limited.

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